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The Lion and Dragon Dancers of the Lohan School of Shaolinin Las Vegas NV have been entertaining for over 20 years and delighting audiences  all over the world. Lion dance is a tradition that goes back over 1000 years that brings  success, wealth , good luck and chases away evil spirits.Lohans School of Shaolin’s Lion Dancers are strictly traditional and strive to maintain and promote the art of Lion and Dragon dance for future generations.

The Traditional Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese Lion Dancing.

We Create Spectacle,Memories and Traffic !

Convention and Las Vegas go together as do large spectacles for entertaining your guests or to draw crowds and creating memories your clients will treasure forever, an impression that is made along with your brand or product that is not soon forgotten.

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 You can book  the Lohan School of Shaolin Lion Dace Team!

You can book the Lohan School of Shaolin Lion Dance team or Dragon dancers. Lion Dance represents Success, Wealth and Good Luck, they chase away evil spirits, it is considered good luck to touch the Lion and give offerings of money, their popularity particularly around the Chinese new year keeps the Lohan Lion Dance team very busy bringing good luck and prosperity to all the large Las Vegas Casinos as well as local businesses’  A typical Lion dance group comprises of 2 Lions ( 2 Kung fu athletes each), 1 Buddha, 4-3 Musicians making a total of 9 people, we can add more if you wish like a team of Kung Fu practitioners, Flag carriers, Devils, and Dragons  Each performance requires skill determination and practice, so each dancer is a Kung Fu practitioner who must complete rigorous training at the Lohan School of Shaolin to be  able to be chosen to represent the school and the linage that goes back many thousands of years .Dragons similarly bring Long Life and health, you can order both or a full compliment and be assured you are getting the finest and traditionally correct performance in the US.


Dashi Steven Baugh Founder of the LohDashi Steven Baugh 2016an School of Shaolin in Las Vegas.

Dashi Steven Baugh, founder, director, and master instructor of the Lohan School, comes from South Central Los Angeles and is a Native American (Cheyenne) and Mexican Indian (Tarascan). Learning all forms of martial arts became his total focus and dedication due to growing up in a very poor and violent environment. Sifu’s destiny and fortune was to be taught by some of the most famous teachers on the West Coast. Although there were many teachers he studied with and was certified by the following Sifus and masters (most of whom left China before the communist takeover), they have become the most influential in his life, in mind, body and spirit. To these great teachers, he and his students of the Lohan school of Shaolin and Temple owe their sincerest gratitude.

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Take Spring Mt. Road to Valley View
Turn South on Valley View (look for three driveways on the right)
Turn right into Schiff Dr. (third driveway)

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